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TODOs for the upcoming "Developer Camp"

  • Create proof of concept application with STRING.
    • Amadeus creates frontend (Martin)
    • DaVinci / Phoenix Unlimited run as backends
  • Create consistent style guide and apply to schemas
  • Discuss authorization for STRING
    • Built-in and/or HTTP based (e.g. OAuth2,...)
    • Describe best/preferred practices
  • Create external lists in for non trivial enums
    • Reference and document in schema
    • Make downloadable from wiki
  • Documentation
    • Further completion of in-schema documentation
    • Further completion of wiki documentation
    • Reference wiki documentation in schema where applicable
    • Describe different architectural models when working with envelopes and payloads.
    • Desribe standard workflow template
  • Model and document ConfigurationRequest and ConfigurationResponse
  • Discuss payment models
  • Create table or graph of possible request-response sequences
  • generic error messages
  • Simulate/Test workflow for cruises (Desktop Test)
  • Create JIRA backlog for the tasks that cannot be completed