Handling-Preferences (Kundenwünsche)

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Use Case: Preferences (Kundenwünsche)

How to add Kundenwünsche and assign them to passenger, to the basket line, to the package, to the reservation

Module: Flight, Hotel, Extra-Service, Package


The interface needs a way how to add preferences into the reservation. Examples: - Vegetarain meal is necessary (assigned to the flight or the hotel-line) - Promotion-code of the hotel-chain (assigned to the hotel) - Reference to a second reservation-number to have rooms near together (assigned to the hotel) - Preference of a special room in the hotel (assigned to the hotel) - Information to the hotel about a special handicap of the guest (assigned to the hotel or the passenger) - Freetext information to tour-operator, hotel or carrier (assigned to basket line or passenger) ...

Possibility to assign different (more than one) preferences to the same passenger or basket-line.

Questions: are those services free of charge or at cost? Are they provided as a separate service or as a variancy of the orginal service (e.g. flight)? If the extra is not available: shall the main service (e.g. flight) nethertheless be booked?

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