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Getting Involved

The STRING project is generally open to everyone interested in participating the process of developing a new standard for bookings in the travel industry. Therefore this wiki and its information are open to the public.

The project has several working and decision making levels. The highest institution within this project is the Steering Committee. It consists of the current board members of the users of the DRV data standard and is led by the DRV. Members of the Steering Committee are representatives from the following companies:

• Ameropa • DER Touristik • FTI • Olimar • Peakwork • Thomas Cook • TravelTainment • Travelport • TUI .

The project is led by the DRV and MC Management Consulting, Amadeus and Bewotec have designated further employees to support this project in order to develop the required XSD-schemes. This project team stronly cooperates with an expert group. Experts are members of the tour operators represented in the Steering Committee.

Nethertheless the project team shares its information with the public and would highly appreciate an industry-wide discussion of the projects intermediate and final results on this platform. Therefore all relevant project information published within this wiki are fully accessable to the public, everyone interested can inform him- or herself about the current status of development.

If you would like to actively accompany the project development and support the project team by discussing published results, pls send a short application request including your name, company, working position and eMail-address to You will then get access data automatically. Please keep in mind: accesses will only be provided to individuals, not to overall companies. If needed you can of course have several accesses per company. Pls consider: all comments published on this platform will always show the author and authors are fully responsible for the content published with their account. Therefore please handle your access data very carefully. In case of misuse of access the project team has the right to eliminate users from this platform (e.g. use of foul language).

For more Information on Berechtigungskonzept pls click here.