One-entry-code for a complete package

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Use Case: One-entry-code for a complete package

Module: Handling: Booking administration


Touroperator provides an one-entry-code which is used to create a complete booking with flight-lines, hotel-lines, extra-service-lines and insurance-lines. The agent only needs to type in this code with the number of passengers, the start-date and an optional duration in the request. Tour-operator internally creates the related booking-lines (flight, hotel, extras, insurance) in the response.

Question: Does this refer to a pre-built package? So the code is a unique identifier regarding one fixed combination, no product variances (e.g. twin bed room instead of double bed room) is covered by the code, they would get alternative unique codes?

Request Data

The booking includes an one-entry-code with a start-date, optional duration, passenger-assignment

Response Data

The one-entry-code is expanded to the regular package included fligth-lines, hotel-lines, extra-service-lines and insurance-lines. Ideally there exists a comment-line in the response where it is visible that the response is based on a special one-entry-code.