Request/Response Pairs

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The STRING interface contains matched request/response pairs. In most cases the response will be of the same kind as the request, but under certain conditions deviations will be allowed.

As XSD schema can't define workflows of this kind we keep a table of allowed request-response pairs here.

Request Response Notes
*Request ErrorResponse any request may get a generic error response if it can't be handled for whatever reason
BookingRequest BookingResponse standard case
FlightRequest FlightResponse standard case
AccomodationRequest AccomodationResponse standard case
CarrentalRequest CarrentalResponse standard case
CruiseRequest CruiseResponse standard case
PackageRequest PackageResponse standard case
BookingRequest PaymentResponse payment before booking
PaymentRequest BookingResponse only in case of payment before booking - booking completed
PaymentRequest PaymentResponse standard case payment after booking
ConfigurationRequest ConfigurationResponse
VersionRequest VersionResponse
AgencyClearanceRequest AgencyClearanceResponse