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(Booking Actions)
(1. Use Case Versicherungen by LTA)
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==== RentalCar ====
==== RentalCar ====
==== Insurance ====
First Use Case, Booking Request and Booking Response by LTA, 20.05.2019: [[Medium:190522 use case insurance.pdf|190522 use case insurance.pdf]] <br />
==== Cruise ====
==== Cruise ====
==== Handling: Booking administration ====
==== Handling: Booking administration ====

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This is the main page for our collection of use cases.

To add a new one please insert a suitable name and then click "Create Use Case" to launch a new page for your entry. Then fill in the missing sections of the template.

Why Use Cases?

We aim to create a complete replacement for all transactions which are handled by STADIS and many external extensions today. To do so we have to find out which transactions are needed and what kind of data is exchanged between clients and tour operator systems.

So for a start every action code used today in TOMA-like systems should have at least one assigned use case here (or be deprecated).

The same applies for all proposed extensions of the "Anforderungsdefinition".

See Flight Availability (Gerätevakanz) for an example of what we need.

Role Definitions

- tour operator / airline system

- (supplier for the above)


- client system non-automatic (travel agency)

- client sytem automatic (internet booking engine)

- offer / search system

Use Cases by Category






First Use Case, Booking Request and Booking Response by LTA, 20.05.2019: 190522 use case insurance.pdf


Handling: Booking administration

Handling: Payment


In the first step, it should initially be possible to book train journeys within Germany. In the following step also cross-border train journeys.

The display (D, DR etc.) and cancellation (S, SA, SR etc.) actions should be possible.

Use Cases by Action

The STRING interface will not use action codes but request/response pairs. We aim however to support all methods of the old interfaces we're superseding as long as they are not deprecated or applicable.

Several action codes might be linked to the same use case when their functionality will be bundled into the same request/response.

Actions for the Display of Examples

  • B?


Graphical seating plan for the vacancy of tickets

Searching for a hotel using a map

Show nearby hotels first

  • HF
  • HK
  • C
  • CF
  • CK

Actions for the Differentiation of an Offer

  • HW
  • KW

Detailed Customer Preferences (Kundenwünsche)

  • HO
  • HU
  • MW
  • KG/VA

Booking Actions

  • B

Book Flight

Shopping cart functionality

Using references to search results in Book

Traveler Name Fields without character limitation

Check for completeness of data

Choice of the format of the travel documents

Upselling function of additional services

  • BC

Display booking-relevant information before booking

  • BR
  • BA

Deliver variants of occupancy possibilities

Deliver board variants

Calculate senior discount

  • BK
  • BQ
  • BW
  • BM
  • BT
  • O

Renew options by customer

  • OC
  • OR
  • OA
  • OQ
  • BS
  • RF
  • PB
  • RS
  • CM
  • ZL
  • ZW
  • KV
  • KS

Actions for the Display of a Reservation

  • D
  • DR
  • CR

Actions for the Modification of a Reservation

  • F
  • FR
  • OV
  • U
  • UR
  • UC
  • UQ
  • S
  • SR
  • SA
  • W

Payment Actions

Later modifications of payment information (credit card)

  • DI
  • DZ
  • KU
  • KX
  • KE

Actions for Printing of Vouchers

  • RA

Display of Reservation Lists

  • V


  • I
  • IP
  • BI
  • DD
  • AI
  • AG

Test Actions

  • TB
  • TD
  • TF
  • TO
  • TS
  • TU

Service Actions

  • +/- (Paging)
  •  ?

Use Cases by Reference to Request Document