Book an Accommodation

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Use Case: Book an Accommodation

Module: Hotel

Request availability and pricing for specific accommodation(s), room(s), meal plan(s), stay(s), traveller(s).

In case of a booking request not only a pricing is requested but the creation of a firm reservation in the addressed tour operator system.


Use case 1: Absolute standard: Two persons share the same room, same meal plan and all together one and the same travel times.

Use case 2: 4 persons, same arrival by plane, same hotel

  • all rooms without catering
  • 1 person in standard single room
  • 1 person in a superior single room with breakfast as an extra
  • 2 persons in a standard double room with breakfast as extra; one person has birthday ...
  • 1 airport transfer for all as an extra

Use case 3: 2 persons, same hotel, 2 rooms, different / overlapping periods of stay

  • 1 person travels earlier, then together
  • different catering/meal plans

Use case 4: 2 persons together in 2 different hotels at different times and another hotel for one of the persons

  • 1 person stays one day longer in a 3rd hotel

Use case 5: 8 persons in an apartment / holiday flat,

  • No catering/supplies
  • Car hire available as extra
  • Transfer available as extra

Use case 6: 4 persons, same hotel, but different arrivals and travel times

  • 1 party (2 persons) arrives 7 days later and stays 3 days longer
  • various catering
  • Hotel transfers as extra

Use case 7: 3 persons each in the same hotel, in 2 rooms, for 2 different periods

  • "Interrupted" non-continuous stay
  • same meal plan/catering (e.g. half board)
  • Transfers to hotel and to the airport included as extras

Request Data

Mandatory parameters:

  • tour operator code
  • accommodation and room code(s)
  • start and end date of stay(s)
  • unambiguos assignment of traveller(s) to requested product(s)

Optional parameters:

  • meal plan code(s)
  • details about arrival(s) (e.g. arrival airport(s), flight number(s), flight times)
  • requested extra(s)

Response Data

In case of an availability and pricing request the positive result will be a list of the requested accommodations with prices and descriptions of the booked stay(s), room(s), meal plan(s), traveller(s), extra(s).

In case of a booking request the response contains a reservation number and a state of the reservation (e.g. confirmed, on request, on option,...).