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The Common Service is a superstructure defining the mostly shared elements of any service. Specific services like the AccommodationService only extend this structure to add specific information for their case. This basic structure is separated into a Request version and a Response version. Each of them only contain the Attributes and Elements suitable for the specified direction. As, for example, it is essential to send the state for a service in the response of a BookingResponse, it is not supposed (or even harmful) to use it in the BookingRequest.

The concept of separate attributes for Request Services and Response Services is inherited by all other service implementations.

Request Type
Response Type

Basic Attributes

The minimal set of Information needed to describe a service is its Code, the StartDate and its EndDate. These fields are mandatory for every request containing a service. The response adds another manydatory field, which is: State.

Optional Attributes

To extend the information capable to be transported by the protocol, each service contains a set of optional Elements and Attributes. Please note, that these fields might be expected by the communication partner, even if specified as optional by STRING Protocol.

Attribute Values / Explanation
@Identifier This is a unique identifier within one message, which can be used to reference on a concrete room
@Type Specific ServiceType
AssignedTraveller A List of traveller Ids to describe who is assigned to this service
Quantity The quantity of equal services described by this service element.
Attributes A List of Attributes describing the Service. Each attribute is defined by a code and its source plus optional descriptive Texts.
PackageReference In case the Service belongs to a package, the identifier can be set here
CustomerRequests (Request only) A List of texts holding customer specific request information
AdditionalInfos (Response only) Element to send additional information separated into:
- GeneralInformation,
- CancellationPolicies and
- ModificationPolicies