Flight Availability (Gerätevakanz)

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Use Case: Flight Availability (Gerätevakanz)

Module: Flight / Package


This will be the replacement for the TOMA action "G", essentially a city pair availability. It will be used in cases where the flight will initially be searched through the interface or where alternatives to a given flight which is no longer available or convenient are requested.

Request Data

Mandatory parameters:

  • departure airport
  • arrival airport
  • start date
  • return date (not applicable for oneway)

Optional parameters:

  • booking class(es)
  • cabin class(es)
  • date tolerances
  • carrier(s)
  • flight number(s)

Response Data

The result will be a list of flights available in the given context (flightonly or part of a package) or separate lists of out- and inward legs which can be combined by the requestor. The interface has to show which entries may be combined with each other.