Hotel on Request

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Use Case: Hotel On Request

Module: Hotel / Package / Handling: Booking administration


The hotel-room is only bookable on request. The reservation could be only done without "Reservation in Option".

Request Data

A flag in the request indicates, that reservations on RQ are

  • generally not accepted (then the Request generates an error-message in case of an RQ),
  • generally accepted (then no error-message is created in case of an RQ)
  • only accepted after confirmation (with error-message in case of missing confirmation while trying to book). Confirmation of the request should then be assignable to the RQ-Hotel.

Response Data

Status-Information, which hotel-line is only bookable on RQ. Error-Messages:

  • RQ not accepted: Response creates always an error-message in case of a Hotel on RQ
  • RQ- always accepted: No error-message in Response (only Status-Information confirmed RQ)
  • RQ accepted by confirmation: No error-message for price-check (only Status-Information confirmed/unconfirmed RQ), error-message for booking in case of unconfirmed RQ-Hotel