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As mentioned before the new booking interface will be based on XSD-schemes. It was agreed that the new interface shall define different sets of schemes, while each scheme represents an special type of service provided by a travel company. Currently, the following schema categories are planned:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Rental Car
  • Cruise
  • Packages
  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Rail
  • Configuration

Throughout the project further amendments might be added to this list.

Every scheme may have different statuses during the project: Proposal (scheme developed by the project team and currently under review, discussion ongoing, changes to published version possible) Agreed (scheme has been discussed among experts and other interested industry representatives, scheme will be forwarded to steering board for approval) Proven (scheme has received approval from steering board).

Please be aware that the defined statuses are always linked to a version number per sub-scheme. Therefore it might happen that more than a newer version compared to the proven version will be published, but with the statuses Proposal or Agreed.

The respective sites will only show current versions of the schemes, a history is not available in this section of the website.

Preliminary list of schemes planned:

  • StringAccomodation.xsd
  • StringPackage.xsd
  • StringCarrental.xsd
  • StringCommonTraveller.xsd
  • StringCommonPrice.xsd
  • StringCommonService.xsd
  • StringCommonTypes.xsd
  • StringConfiguration.xsd
  • StringCruise.xsd
  • StringRail.xsd
  • StringInsurance.xsd
  • StringFlight.xsd
  • String.xsd

High-Level Übersicht der Leistungstypenstruktur

Other Schema-related topics