Stops on outbound- and inbound-flight

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Use Case: Package with outbound HAM-FRA-FLL, inbound FLL-FRA-HAM

Module: Package / Flight


Standard-hotel combined with a flight HAM-FLL, with stop in FRA, different machines and carriers for HAM-FRA and FRA-FLL(passenger changes the machine), flight ends on the same day for inbound and for outbound (no overnight-flight). For HAM-FRA there exists (after the booking) an external Amadeus-booking-reference, FRA-FLL is booked internally (charter-flight).

Request Data

Flight-package HAM-FLL / FLL-HAM could be delivered full-specified (including a tour-operator-identifier or detailed attributes for all parts of the flight like booking-class, flight-number, flight-times, transport-class, routing-information), partly specified or unspecified (only start-date and airports)

Response Data

Response includes the full-specified flight: touroperator-system is able to select on its own a flight which matches the specifications. In the Response it is important that the routing-information is delivered in a full-structured way. In case of a fulfilled reservation also the external booking-references should be assigned in detail (Amadeus-booking-reference for HAM-FRA and FRA-HAM). Internal tour-operator-identifiers are included in the Response to reuse them in the following requests.