Using references to search results in Book

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Use Case: Using references to search results in Book

Module:Handling: Booking administration


Consider the following situation: We have searched for a specific product e.g. a flight. We have selected a search result that we want to book. Sometimes it can be preferable or even necessary to use a reference to the search result instead of entering the description of the product that is to be booked. Examples:

  • We search for flights and the airline CRS returns search results containing ids that have to be used to book the flight.
  • We search for flights and the search result is very complex: departure and arrival location and time, compartment class, booking class for every segment... it might be more convenient to simply reference the search result instead of copying all the search result detailed

The use case is independent of the type of search that delivered the search result. Examples might be

  • DRV Suchschnittstelle
  • Any kind of tour operater / CRS export
  • Human lookup in a brochure

The use case does not require any kind of search result to contain an id. But if a search result contains an id that can be used for booking, the STRING-Booking-Interface should be able to use that by referencing that id.

The use case makes no assumption about the structure of the id, any structure might be possible (e.g. UUID, xml, json). Consequently the reference in the StringBookRequest should be CData The configuration query has to show if this mechanism is supported by the operator system.

Request Data


  • All attributes in Object become optional
  • New Element SearchResultReference CDATA.


	<Accommodation TourOperatorCode="NEC" TravelType="BETT">
			<Object ID="01">
                                <!-- using a search result reference rather than an object description -->   

Response Data

No change.